Cenovus and Apache

Weyburn is Canada’s first operational CCS project.  The Weyburn-Midale field is a depleted oil producing region that has been injecting CO2 since 2000 and is the site of the world’s largest CO2 storage project.

The project involves CO2 capture at a coal gasification plant in Beulah, North Dakota, transport by a 323km pipeline and use for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) in the Weyburn-Midale field.  The Weyburn field is operated by Cenovus and the Midale field is operated by Apache.

The Weyburn EOR field is also the site of the world’s largest CO2 monitoring project, the Weyburn-Midale CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project run by the International Energy Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Programme (IEAGHG). This project is an independent research project that provides valuable data on the behaviour of stored CO2 and MMV (measurement, monitoring and verification) technology.

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Project Quick Stats

Lead Cenovus, Apache
Partners Dakota Gasification Company (CO2 supplier), Petroleum Technology Research Center, IEAGHG (monitoring research program), various others
Location Weyburn, Saskatchewan; Beulah, North Dakota
CO2 Source Synfuels plant (coal gasification)
Volume 2.2 Mt COper year
Capture Processes Gasification (pre-combustion capture)
CO2 Sink Enhanced oil recovery
Public Funding Direct funding: USA $3M, Canada $2.2M (for the IEA GHG monitoring project) Other government support: US Department of Energy construction of the gasification plant and Saskatchewan royalty relief agreement on EOR production
Expected Start Date 2000