ICO2N has been a consistent and informed voice for CCS for the past nine years, and has worked with a variety of news media to provide interviews and information. ICO2N has issued numerous reports and articles about CCS, and participated in a variety of government, academic and industry conferences, many of which have resulted in coverage by news media. This section includes examples of news coverage of ICO2N and CCS, along with ICO2N news releases and materials prepared for the news media. For media inquiries please contact us.

News Releases

Report Release: The Alberta CO2 Purity Project and Techno Economic Model 09.16.2014
Report Release: Developing a Conceptual CCS Vision for Saskatchewan 06.17.2014
New Study puts Numbers to using CO2 for Enhanced Oil (PDF) 06.12.2013
Alberta CO2 Purity Study Receives $525,000 in Funding from the Government of Canada (PDF) 03.07.2013
Leaders Gather to Discuss Saskatchewan’s Carbon Capture Future (PDF) 04.23.2012
ICO2N Report Release Perspective on Conducting Cost Analyses for Capture Technologies (PDF) 04.18.2011
Alberta Government Legislation is a Welcome and Necessary Step (PDF) 12.07.2010
Purity Study (PDF) 05.11.2010
ICO2N and Delphi Report (PDF) 11.09.2009
Support for 2009 Federal Budget (PDF) 02.02.2009